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Whirled Music with Phil

Whirled Music

is an exciting radio program presented by long time local Phil Hurst. Phil presents a wide and varied selection of music from around the globe, which has charmed Bayfm listeners for years. Phil is a vibrant and original presenter who adds humour, wit and a wealth of musical knowledge to an always refreshing show. 

More about Phil

Phil worked as a local ABC breakfast presenter in the late eighties, attracting a large following of loyal listeners. He is a passionate environmentalist and has worked for The Sydney Morning Herald and in Aussie Cinema. Phil was assistant director on Mad Max 2; Gallipoli and The Last Outlaw. His taste is eclectic, ranging from Classical to World to Jazz and Blues, Grunge and selectively, Punk.

Twenty-five years ago Phil suffered a brain virus that restricts his life to a five-minute memory island. “Not even Franz Kafka could dream this up,” he has said, “it’s an ongoing existential sensory deprivation.” Phil likes nothing better than to sit at a cafe and engage in the present moment, with the passing parade, and to present his passion for life in music on radio.

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