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The Cowboy's Sweetheart with Carrie D

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 The Cowboy's Sweetheart is a two hour programme of the best and latest roots country music releases.  The programme has been on-air for 18 years and is dedicated to good music and to exploring the edges of this great genre including honky-tonk, bluegrass, western swing, country folk, cowboy, Tex-Mex and cajun, heritage and lots of singer/songwriters.  No Nash-pop and no country rock.  The Cowboy's Sweetheart travels the side roads, not the main highway.

Every week I feature a new release album, giving background to the artist, the music, and including other related material. I also celebrate birthdays of my favourites and present tributes when we lose any greats.

I have been a reporting presenter for the Texas based FAR chart roots music chart for 9 years. FAR charts are compiled from reports sent in by actual DJs with freeform (i.e. not influenced or controlled by record companies) radio shows on public, college and community stations round the US and the world.

I love BayFM. I love that it is independent media, able to respond to and reflect the community we live in. It is volunteer run by the community - for the community.

When I haven’t got my BayFM (cowboy) hat on, I am an artist and craftsperson, designing and making cloisonné enamel jewellery and miniatures which are exhibited all over Australia and internationally too. 

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