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Set the Controls + with D0N - (aka The Undertaker)

Set the Controls + with D0N (aka The Undertaker) Tuesdays at two is a music mission 2000 light years from home. "Powered by ShinyGlow® with added get up and go, for action-packed go-getters, full of zap, powee and kaboom, especially kaboom!" Oswald P. Green

Each week, early in the broadcast, there is a segment called "Eye-Popping Sounds" which is music from, and inspired by, the moving pictures. Later on, there is a special feature called "The Flying Super-Circus" (Summer-Circus over summer) where we explore a colourful and curated musical expedition. During "Rocktober" we usually encounter a heavy meteor shower

I’ll try not to get too wild on the voyage, but I’m not promising anything, as we set the controls and travel together for two hours. Passing planet prog, on our way through to the psychedelic constellations, glimpsing the genre galaxies and beyond, towards the sun

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