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Not Thinking Straight with Michael Mac


Wednesday nights just got a little Queerer! Not Thinking Straight is a show for everyone with a special celebration of LGBTQI artists who don't get the coverage on radio they deserve! It will also present a range of beautiful music by straight allies and from time to time include news items, film & TV reviews and guest interviews. Airing from 10pm to Midnite, each Wedneday and available to replay at anytime from here, we hope you will tune in and enjoy the fine tunes and fun! A special heartfelt thank you to the wonderful team at "I'm from Driftwood" for sharing their wonderful stories with us each week. You can check out their great work here: and also to the amazing team of "Making Gay History" who also have so generously shared their important work with us! Please check them out at: and support both these important ventures in any way you can!

Feel free to contact me through these social media options-


Twitter: @michael91179191

Facebook: Michael Mac

 I value your comments! And thank you for tuning in! 






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