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North Coast Positive! with Nyck Jeanes

I'm back in the Bubble, wanting to burst. Gone back to the first program name I used on BayFM in the 90's – North Coast Positive, because in the end it's what i am most aligned to – what is good, progressive, inventive, creative about who we are and how we live here. But never to deny or turn a blind eye to the shit, the challenges, the rorts and deceptions – the manipulations of power that have increasingly disenfranchised us all. How do we get back our natural sovereign and 'divine' given power? To be self determining and self sufficient, to be loving and whole, to care for our earth and each other, our diversity and deepest feelings.

So this season let's talk about what we are doing best from our 'greater' selves, what innovations and gifts we bring – and how we are facing being black sheep in a white sheep world. 

Call in, text in, communicate !

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