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Living Your Arts Off with Nathan Kaye

Program Mission Statement:

“Inspiring artists to find a better than good living from their art form,

whilst Preparing today’s artists for tomorrow’s realities."

Why? Because the arts are the lifeblood of our communities and our society.

The health of our society is concomitant to the health of our artists and artisans.

When our artists thrive, so to, does the rest of society and therefore our whole world.


Hosted by award-winning international touring Musician, Actor, Music Producer, Activist & Educator, Nathan KayeLIVING YOUR ARTS OFF presents an entertaining mix of new music, movie reviews, TV show reviews,

with regular giveaways of event tickets, artist merch & creations (Books, Vinyl Records, CDs, etc)….


  •  the Hour Of Female Power - a 60+ miinute spotlight on female artists & female led bands
  •  Arts News
  •  Social Media Marketing & Arts Business tips & Hacks
  •  Inspiring Interviews with, and articles on successful musicians, actors, film makers, poets and other fascinating artistic people
  •  Grants & Funding News & Opportunities
  •  What's New segment - Taste of new releases from awesome independent artsist & bands from Australai and around the globe
  •  TV & Film Reviews

And of course, there’s a solid segment during the show to help teach artists and artisans how to live from their art form.


Nathan Kaye draws on his decades of knowledge and connections in these fields to bring you the most captivating segment possible delivered with humour, cheek and a bit of sass..


You can tune in from anywhere in the world via live streaming online at or your internet radio app or 99.9fm on your radio dial (within the Northern NSW region).

Or you can listen back to the last 4 shows you missed.

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