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Intersecting Cultures with Angela Rowland

For those of you who like what you read above and want to know more...check out the episode notes by clicking on 'episode notes' on the right hand side of the date, below, for each show...I will be uploading content, playlists and comments as well as links to the people and websites so you can follow up on shows, the musicans or get a deeper insight into the questions or discussions of the show. You can also become my friend on facebook, look up Angela Rowland. I welcome any feedback!

Bayfm is your community radio station and I hope to make Intersecting Cultures as hard hitting/educational, interesting, and as fun as I can, whilst reflecting on what is important and relevant to our region, pushing for more socially just, culturally and environmentally aware media reporting, while also reflecting on what is important to you, my valued listener! So please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!


 ***And for the AIR IT audience that did not get to read the bayfm blurb about the show above, you are privy to the updated version, lucky minxes:)

Intersecting Cultures explores the intersecting 'melting pot' of diverse cultures, musical genres, arts, politics and social justice movements and rhythms that underpin the various cultural or musical traditions within Australia and around the world.

Angela aims to take you on a different cultural journey each week that reminds of our collective humanity, addresses some of the issues and ideas associated with the culture in focus, celebrates multiculturalism, inspires listeners to think differently or think more about the messages in the music or culture, while uncovering some new or emerging talents locally and globally.

So far our cultural journeys have included visits to: India, France, Africa, Brasil, Hardcore, Surf, Reggae music, plus we have interviewed some local and national musicians, including Enkaza, Jesse Witney, Band of Frequencies, Truth Serum, Kyptamystik, Velvet Sand, Acid Joys, Grassroots Street Orchestra, Shakles etc, as well as activists and change agents, policy experts and intrepid travellers as well as having had some special guest appearances to assist in the shows presentation.

To give a taste of whats to come we will be journeying through Freegan culture with special guests, Bohemian culture, Gypsy, Spain and much much more so tune in on Saturdays 4-5pm for this special youth presentation...


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