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Grailey Whole Celtic Show with Margaret Wyatt


The Grailey Whole Celtic Show is a magazine format program which began in 1992. The program explores this question through music, reviews, poetry, myth, storytelling, interviews & biographic profiles of contemporary & historic Celtic personages.

Underlying philosophy 
The relationship between deep ecology and the need for a re-connection with the ancient wisdom & spiritual heritage of our indigenous roots, is the core theme of this program which has been running since 1992. My ancestry is predominately Celtic, so it is from the Celtic perspective that I explore this concept. No matter which ancestry one claims, the traditional ways of living in harmony and balance on our beautiful planet can restore vitality to ones life and benefit us all. 

THE GRAILEYWHOLE CELTIC SHOW WILL NOT BE AIRED THIS WINTERsad  Regular listeners & astro fans may be sad to learn that Monday 30th April will be my last GWCS show for the next 6 months [while I have a break for the Winter Program Period]. So, for ongoing COSMIC WEATHER info, may I suggest the following:  For a single paragraph weekly forecast & a quirky 12 sign astro forecast: Lilith's 'STARS'  in the Byron Echo.  For more comprehensive daily astro: Iris Detenhoff's ‘2018 Moontime Diary’ available at many Byron bookstores, health-food shops & other outlets. On-line resources I regularly use for GWCS: Maggie Kerr’s;    Also Alan Oken’s free monthly newsletter, ‘Celestial Happenings’ @    "May the Moon & stars shine many bright blessings on you & yours!" MW

MARS [planet of drive & self assertion] entered the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn 18th March. One impact is seen in the USA, with the increasing aggression [Mars] towards organisations & authority [Capricorn] such as the NRA, with the huge street rallies calling for control [Saturn] of guns [Mars] by the government [Capricorn] In April the progress of Mars thru the Zodiac will slow down as he moves thru that sign of the bureaucracy. He enters Uranus ruled unpredictable Aquarius in late June where he begins his 2 yearly retrograde cycle @ 9degrees of Aquarius. Mars will this year travel retrograde for 8 & half weeks - Back thru Aquarius to then retreat all the way back to the late degrees of Capricorn as of late June. Meaning our motivations, anger management strategies and energy matters will be up for review or revision. Mars goes direct in late August.

JUPITER RETROGRADE 2018 begins on March 8th at 23° Scorpio and ends on July 10th at 13° Scorpio. Jupiter retrograde represents a time of philosophical or spiritual introspection & reflection. Strong aspects from transiting Jupiter mean “expansion” and when in the sign Scorpio give added depth and meaning; So if you’re a Scorpio, Taurean, Leo or Aquarian, expect some discovery and insight through some form of transition.  

SAMHAIN - April 30th is Southern Hemisphere's SAMHAIN. This is the time when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest. Samhain [or ‘Halloween’ if you must], is the time to honour & give gratitude to our ancestors and those who’ve crossed over. Often celebrated as the ‘Feast of the Dead’, Samhain is one of the 4 ancient Celtic Cross Quarter Festivals on the Wheel of the Year. In times gone by, these seasonal threshold points were always held at the nearest Full Moon, being the peak of the Lunar cycle and therefore a very high energy time. [But also, because unlike us, the ancients didn’t have electricity for lighting]. It’s a particularly potent Southern Samhain this year right on the night of the Pluto ruled Scorpio Full Moon. 

Samhain occurs half way between Autumnal Equinox [when the days & nights are of equal length] & Winter Solstice [shortest day, longest night].  

Meanwhile, in the Nthn Hemi, this is May Day Eve, when our Northern friends celebrate the peak of Spring energy, when life is emerging from the snows of winter to blossom forth. May Day is traditionally celebrated in the Nthn Hemi as Beltane - halfway between Spring Equinox [again when the days & nights are of equal length] & Summer Solstice [longest day, shortest night].

One of my proudest achievements at BAY FM is being given the opportunity to synchronise the start dates of our 2 annual Program Seasons, such that our Winter Season always starts at Sthn Samhain [May 1st], while our Summer Season starts at Sthn Beltain [Nov 1st]. I’m thrilled that allocation of the stations programing on these dates continually reinforces the magical tradition of aligning with the turning of the ancient Celtic Wheel of the Year.  So to all of us in the Sthn Hemi: Samhain Blessings!!   And to all our Nthn Hemi friends: Bright Beltain Blessings!!


"The ANCIENT PATHS" - Discovering the lost map of CELTIC Europe - by Graham Robb

"THE STAR MIRROR" - The Cosmic Symetry of Heaven & Earth - by Mark Vidler

SOULS IN THE SEA - Dolphins, Whales & Human Destiny" by Scott Taylor

"I Cry for My People" - The story of conflict in Northern Ireland by Martin McMahon. A very comprehensive history of the Irish, spanning many centuries. Well written, extensively researched & referrenced and highly informative.

"HONEY from STONE"  - A naturalist's search for God - by CHET RAMO

"The SOUL of the NIGHT" - An Astronomical Pilgrimage - by CHET RAMO



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