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Future Sense - Raadiio beyond boundaries with Nyck Jeanes & Steve McDonald

The Hyper-Sane are Amongst Us!



What is your sense of the future? Are you excited, fearful, uncertain, or quite likely all and more of the above? Future Sense is a new show that will look at and seek to understand the complexity of life conditions that now exist on the planet and the potential and possibilities for radical change, inherent and necessary  – literally a leap in consciousness that many have felt or hoped for, and perhaps many have some sense of as a ‘spiritual emergence’ happening. Do you? 

As technology becomes more autonomous, disruptive and distributed, as work and play change radically, as old structures teeter and fall – the dominant scientific-industrial paradigm failing, and while the Internet offers a global scaffold to support revolutionary change, the challenges we face for evolutionary growth have never been more immediate, fascinating and double-edged. Future Sense will help us ‘grok’ the future – a future already present but not yet widely (or fairly) distributed.

A new way of being human is emerging.

With long time BayFM presenter Nyck Jeanes & Steve McDonald

Steve McDonald is a futurist focused on the evolution of human consciousness. He is the founder of Aadii, a non-profit organisation applying a transdisciplinary understanding of human nature to support various transformative projects; and co-founder of Psychedelic Research in Science & Medicine (PRISM), a non-profit research association. Steve has previously supported the corporate, government and non-profit sectors as an organisational development consultant; piloted a rescue helicopter and served as an officer with the Australian Regular Army. His blog is

We welcome your input via our new Facebook page, Twitter @Stevemc1 or @NyckJeanes, and via our BayFM Textline while the show is on at 0437 341 119

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