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Radio Mind Control with BayFM's DJ Complex

(:Radio Mind Control:)

WARNING: Up late is the best time to take control and OPEN your mind….


Each Saturday night between 10 to 12 midnight your input will command the system, as you are transformed into a BayFM radio receiver. Designed to rewire your mind, Radio Mind Control helps you break down stereotyped musical blocks and find the heavy inner core of progressive and erudite rock assisting us toward auditory free will.


Programmed by BayFM's DJ Complex, you will be weekly upgraded to relay and synchronise with the master musical regional network, that is, BayFM. 

Set your smart phone alarm to 10pm Saturday Nights, and tell your friends that you have been programmed to do so by Radio Mind Control and BayFM....99.9 :)


music and ideas welcome…. please contact 

[email protected]

look for all radio mind control playlists on



p.s. installation successful. please restart your mind….

p.p.s.Radio Mind Control is proudly sponsored by Byron Bay Taxis, to book a journey call 66855008 or BayFM on 02 66807999 for further information regarding sponsorship enquiries.




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