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Chooka’s Mixtape with Chooka

Hey Folks "Chooka" here, welcome to My New Show.... Coming back from the dark world of depression and anxiety, I have reinvented my self to do what Is Important to me and what i love.. That love is australian Music... the scene, the artists, the real interviews and the questions... each week i will have and artists on my show to dive into their world of new music and what it means to them about their art... also asking the hard questions along with a bit of chooka banta!!! 

I will have a weekly topic to talk about and give you tips for the right outcome...Also, I have been involed with music for 18 years and love to showcase everything from Aussie and independent labels...We are so blessed to have so much talent in our country and I can't wait to show you the great talent which is out there ... so tune in and enjoy the show ... do your self a favour ...YA MUM LOVES IT!!!XXX peace and love to you all eeww!!


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