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Grailey Whole Celtic Show with Margaret Wyatt


The Grailey Whole Celtic Show is a magazine format program which explores this question through music, reviews, poetry, myth, storytelling, interviews & biographic profiles of contemporary & historic Celtic personages.

Underlying philosophy 
The relationship between deep ecology and the need for a re-connection with the ancient wisdom & spiritual heritage of our indigenous roots, is the core theme of the program. My ancestry is predominately Celtic, so it is from the Celtic perspective that I explore this concept. No matter which ancestry one claims, the traditional ways of living in harmony and balance on our beautiful planet can restore vitality to ones life and benefit us all. 


OCTOBER 31ST - In the Northern Hemisphere this is the time when ancient Celtic peoples prepared for SAMHAIN, one of the so called ‘Cross-Quarter Points’ on the Solar Wheel of the Year. [The 4 ‘Quarter Points’ being the Summer & Winter Solstices, and the Spring & Autumnal Equinoxes. The 4 ‘Cross-Quarter Points’ occurring mid way between the 4 ‘Quarter Points’] SAMHAIN, [pronounced SAVEEN], has in recent times been known as ‘HALLOWEEN’ which is an abbreviated form of the Christianised name ‘ALL HALLOWS EVE’.  SAMHAIN is a seasonal observation held at Octobers end, during the fullness of Autumn, as a way of preparing for the approach of the Northern winter. Time to honour the ancestors and acknowledge those who’ve passed over with the ‘Feast of the Dead’. So very apt in a time when days are shortening, leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping and the early snows approach.

Meanwhile, here in the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE at this time of year as we embark on the approach of the Southern Summer amid the bursting forth of flowering plants, and we notice the longer & warmer days, it’s time to celebrate the height of Spring. OCTOBER 31ST in the Southern Hemisphere is BELTANE [pronounced BEL-TIEN after the Celtic Solar deity BEL] BELTANE is an ancient Celtic Fertility Festival honouring and celebrating the wonderful growth of living things.

HALLOWEEN, popularised by American consumerism, TV & movies, sadly is blindly observed in BOTH hemispheres at the same time!! Thus the ghostly costumes and scarey masks, to ward off fearsome spirits. But for those of us here in the Southern Antipodies, such activities are 6 months out of phase with the seasons! A dark and most in-opportune focus to have, where light and re-newed life energy abounds. So educate your kids & ghoulish party goers – by all means do Halloween activities, but if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasonally appropriate time for SAMHAIN is 31st April – May Day Eve.

So back to our SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE perspective of buzzing bees, squarking baby birds, swelling fruits, budding blossoms and all the delicious things of warmer days….. Many Bright Beltane Blessings to one and all! May the sustaining energies of the approaching Summer fill you with joy & delight!


Astrology is neither a perfected science nor solely an art form created by the intuitive faculties of the astrologer.   Astrology is a discipline that combines certain elements of science, art, and intuition thus making it a unique field of study.  Astrology is also a diagnostic tool.  It has been given to humanity so that we may begin to understand our personal roots in infinity as well as the higher Laws of Creation that govern our lives.  Astrology, therefore, is not an end unto itself.  On the contrary, it is a vehicle to yet a greater Path.  The planets are but giant energetic centres expressing universal principles and truths in cyclic rotation”.  Alan Oken
RETROGRADE MERCURY – The astro dynamic I’m most frequently asked about. This tiny planet which only takes 88 days to circle the Sun [Earth takes 365 & quarter days] appears to travel backwards across the sky 3 – 4 times yearly due to our Earth based angle of view. These retro cycles last about 3 weeks. As Mercury is the astrological messenger planet of communication, when he is in retrograde motion, we experience wordy ambiguity of all sorts. Techno glitches and computer malfunctions abound, so remember to back up and avoid purchasing communication gadgets. Contracts signed during retro Mercury frequently will need amending or even cancelling. Mercury also rules short journeys, so travel arrangements made during this confusing time are often mixed up, as are appointment times. So best advice is to double check the details of all of the above.
The 4th and final RETROGRADE MERCURY CYCLE of 2017 will be in the Jupiter ruled sign of SAGITTARIUS, and runs from 4th til 23th of December. However, there’s a shoulder period at either end of those dates when Mercury covers the same part of the Zodiac a further time. This additional ‘Zone of Retograde Influence’ can be almost as significant in effect. The lead in Retro Zone date is 15th November. I will write more in these pages closer to the time and will discuss this more fully during the relevant programs of The GRAILEY WHOLE CELTIC SHOW. So watch this space!                   



"SOULS IN THE SEA - Dolphins, Whales & Human Destiny" by Scott Taylor

"I Cry for My People" - The story of conflict in Northern Ireland by Martin McMahon. A very comprehensive history of the Irish, spanning many centuries. Well written, extensively researched & referrenced and highly informative.

"HONEY FROM STONE"  - A naturalist's search for God - by CHET RAMO


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