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Arts Canvass with Karena Wynn-Moylan

Hugely popular, long running  two hour magazine format show with interviews with local , visiting and touring  creative artists across all disciplines. Visual arts, dance, film, literature,festivals and  events, concerts all covered with a mix of high level folk, pop, instrumental,world music and more. A Weekly Arts Round Up and What's on ( local and interstate) plus giveaways including CDs, books, event tickets and occasional live in the studio performances!

Visit Karena's  for more interviews from creative artists.

  Check out her multi media  projects -  or fine art at  and also listen to authors  at .

  Also The Narratives Library Podcasts are broadcast every Monday  ( 7.05pm)and Thursday ( 10.05pm) on the Community Radio Network. - tune in for half an hour of fantastic author's reads and interviews and featured Australian songwriters and composers or subscibe to the podcasts at the Naratives LIbrary Front page.(free!).


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